Facility Maintenance

Outsourcing services to a number of different suppliers is burdensome and associated with higher overheads and lower service quality levels since different contractors work on piecemeal tasks without the benefit of co-ordination. The advantage of LCL Facility Management is to integrate different people and systems spanning different areas to give you an optimal and seamless product. We emphasis on clear communication and our experienced staff mean we deliver just what you want and need.

Drawing up your contract for the appropriate cost, good performance and efficient method. Communicating with you clearly about any concerns you have. Completing your project on time and within budget. We’ll communicate with you face-to-face and by email to make sure we have a firm grasp of your needs and any special requirements.

Providing you with a single point of contact. Being available and contactable if anything in the contract or project needs to be re-explored. Letting you know as soon as possible if corrective action needs to be taken.

Facility Services

• Building Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance Programs
• Grounds Maintenance including landscaping of lawns & gardens
• Electrical Maintenance Services
• Plumbing Maintenance Services
• Waste Management & Recycling Services
• Pest Control Services
• Hygiene & Sanitary Services
• Facility Management Service
• Pool maintenance service
• Painting maintenance service
• Laundry & linens services
• Sub contractor Management
• Liquid Waste Management including hazardous / toxic materials