Health and Safety

Responsibility, Health and Safety

Safety is a core value at LCL, so LCL is committed to being environmentally and socially responsible. It is more than just processes and procedures. It is a custom that puts our people first and cares for their well-being above all else and to complement our clients’ sustainability goals and objectives. LCL is committed to achieving the highest health, safety and environmental standards across our operations, that are produced from sustainable sources. We are continually striving to improve our safety performance and the well-being of our people by investing in systems to ensure all risks are identified, processes put in place to mitigate them and where issues occur, they are reported promptly and corrective actions taken to ensure they don t happen again and to make sure that our sustainability targets are being met.

Our approach to Health, Safety and the Environment can be laid out in three keys are.

We are responsible for ensuring that this policy is reviewed annually and implemented correctly. We are responsible for ensuring that we have the organization and resources in place to help us reach our goals of protecting the environment and reducing our health and safety risks so far as reasonably practicable. LCL views the safety of our staff and everyone who uses the facilities that we serve as our priority. Therefore LCL has a comprehensive Health & Safety policy and system to make sure that all our services are carried out following Health & Safety best practices and that all risks are minimized. LCL is acutely aware of the importance of your brand and the issues around reputational risk should an accident occur. To address client reputational risk issues, we place an abundance of importance on safety and use only subcontractors who share our obsession with the well-being of their staff. Accordingly, LCL requires all of our subcontractors to comply with our Health and Safety and Environmental policies and procedures. Also, all LCL subcontractors are background checked and security cleared before performing any work. LCL’s biggest resource and asset is its people, who consistently work hard to provide our clients with the best service. LCL therefore endeavors to promote a strong culture of respect, encouragement, and continuous training and improvement, which is conducive to employees realizing their full potential. We aim to become one of the most attractive employers in this industry.

Quality Management & Assurance

Aiming for excellence and delivering services to the highest standard has always been the bedrock of LCL’s approach to business. That is why we have in place a comprehensive Quality Management & Assurance performance monitoring system to ensure that all our clients receive the same consistent service.

Quality Management & Assurance processes are extremely comprehensive to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Some of the processes that are undertaken include:

Performance Measurements

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are agreed with clients before the start of any contract so that expectations are clear and performance can be measured objectively.

LCL conducts regular ISO audits which involves detailed analysis of our various systems and procedures to ensure our on-going quality performance.

Regularly Scheduled Site Visits & Inspection Audit Reports

Managers conducting Site Visits will inspect items such as cleaning performance, equipment fitness, and system & process adherence. Deficient items are automatically raised as work orders for immediate rectification.

Client Visits & Reports

Regular meetings are scheduled between LCL management and clients to make sure the service provided is satisfactory and that client requests can be raised and followed up on immediately.

Clients will also receive collated QA reports which will summarize the Quality Management work that has been undertaken at the relevant sites.